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There's Still Space for Memorial Day!

campfireWant to get away for the holiday weekend? It's not too late!! While parks are indeed filling fast, there are still wonderful parks across California that have space available for the holiday weekend.

And, we've done the hard work for you ... we've compiled a list of parks that have told us they still have space. Of course, this can change fast, but this list is a great place to start to find your perfect campsite.

Parks with space available for Memorial Day>
There may be additional RV parks and campgrounds with available campsite that did not report to us. So if you're specifically interested in a park not included on this list you are encouraged to call them directly and ask about availability.
Search for a park now>

Our calendar of events is filled with Memorial Day activities. Check that out for extra fun things to do!

And while you're planning a get-away ... why not plan one for Father's Day - June 19!

Family HikeJune is "Get Outdoors" Month!

June is a great month to take your children and/or grandchildren camping to enjoy the great outdoors. Select campgrounds are offering a 20% discount* on stays of up to 7 days from June 1 - 25! Don't miss out!! This is a great opportunity to go somewhere new and explore new territories. Check out the "Hot Savings" on>
*On a space available basis. Some restrictions may apply.

Camping offers a wide variety of ways to soak up the outdoors ... from campfires to hikes, stargazing to scavenger hunts, floating down a river or cooling off under a cascading waterfall ... all these activities are more fun when your home is parked a short distance away.

Children's Outdoor Bill of Rights

Every kid’s life list….

  • Discover California's Past 
  • Learn to swim
  • Splash in the water
  • Play on a team
  • Play in a safe place
  • Follow a trail
  • Camp under the stars
  • Catch a fish
  • Explore nature
  • Celebrate their heritage

Ideas for Celebrating June 11 --
Get Outdoors Day

Recent Studies by Kaiser Permanente show that the average child spends 7.5 hours per day behind a screen -- TV, computer, video game, iPad, cell phone, etc.

The Children's Outdoor Bill of Rights is an effort to combat that trend. Perhaps June 11 is the day to help your child or grandchild accomplish one or more of these goals!

  • Visit a local park with a pond and catch a fish ... or even splash in the water!
  • Many campgrounds have access to hiking trails ... from easy to moderate.
  • Take your child somewhere you've never been and explore nature! What vegitation is there. Is it the same as can be found near your home, or is it different?
  • Visit a historic State park ... while they are still open! California maintains a number of parks that celebrate California's spanish roots, the gold mining boom, forts, mansions and historic locations.
  • And, of course ... camp under the stars!!

Planning using computerPoll: When you plan a camping trip, where do you start?

We would like to know ... when you're planning a camping trip ... what do you try to find first?

... Somewhere that has your favorite activity, somewhere close to home, do you find a cool event to attend, a favorite campground?
Visit the home page of and participate in our poll!

Poll Results: Last month, our poll asked about the use of a GPS. There were 282 participants with 51% reporting they use a GPS in conjunction with printed/written directions. An additional 31% use a GPS alone, while 17% do not have a GPS.

Click here to view the results of this and other surveys.

Big Sur Survives Mudslides & Road Closures

We all know it’s been a wet winter here in California with record rain and snowfalls.   No one knows that more than the campgrounds in Big Sur.  Hwy 1, north and south, of Big Sur has had 3 different mudslides.  However, you can still make plans to camp in Big Sur this year.

Current conditions:  

Accessing Big Sur from the north on Hwy 1 – travel is open 24 hours a day with alternating one-way traffic about 5 miles south of Carmel.  There are no weight restrictions.

Accessing Big Sur from the south on Hwy 1 – The closure at Nacimiento-Fergusson Road was reopened shortly after the slide but closed back down in mid-April due to another slide.  The current closure is located 3.2 miles south of Gorda.  It is expected to reopen in mid-June.   The alternative route to Big Sur from the south: Highway 101 to Bradley, take County Road G18. Follow to Nacimiento-Fergusson Road to Highway 1. Then head north to Big Sur.
Updated information can be found at various websites:

CalTrans:  Enter Hwy 1 and click search.
Google Maps:   Search Hwy 1 closures, Big Sur.
Big Sur Chamber of Commerce:

Here’s a couple of YouTube videos related to the mudslides in Big Sur:

List of Proposed State Park Closures

Governor Brown’s office has released the California State Park closure list. Seventy parks are slated to be closed, over 30 of them provide camping. These closures would take place in 2012. While it is likely that not all of these parks will close, you may want to visit the various mansions, museums and forts on the list to be sure you don't miss out! See the proposed closure list>

To learn more about the efforts to protect California's State Parks visit

Shasta Cascade

Whether you seek high adventure on a rugged peak or a leisurely time in a houseboat on a lake, escape to an unspoiled wonderland in California's northeastern corner. With soaring eagles and plunging waterfalls, snowcapped mountains and geothermal mud pots, glistening lakes, dense forests, giant volcanoes, and many rivers running through it, Shasta Cascade is where you'll find a great time in the great outdoors.

This northern region is very mountainous and has wide open spaces. It consists of all the area in the northern part of the state from the North Coast to the Oregon border and Nevada border. The southern boundary extends from Red Bluff to Susanville. The Central Valley, Gold Country and High Sierra lie immediately south.

Lakes, rivers and streams are high on their banks as a result of the abundant precipitation this year making this region a great option for water enthusiasts. Even if you don't enjoy water sports, the sound of a rushing river can sooth your soul. This is a great plan to "Get Outdoors!"

Stay at any of our RV parks and campgrounds and you'll be near all the fun! Learn more about the Shasta Cascade Region >

California Events and Fun Happenings!

Spring is here, and summer is just around the corner!! There are so many fun things to do!!! If you like festivals, enter "festival" in the Calendar of Events search box. There are many Memorial Day activities scheduled ... so check out the calendar and get camping!

There's so much more!!! Search the Calendar of Events for events throughout the winter and spring! Or, plan now for the summer! You may find your next adventure there!


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