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Go Leaf Peeping in California!

While California may not be at the top of the "Best Known Leaf Peeping Areas" list you can still enjoy beautiful fall colors around the state. Our wine country vineyards as well as fruit trees are glowing red and gold and driving through these regions is really enjoyable. In the High Sierra, numerous areas offer excellent leaf peeping. Plan now to check them out before they are gone for the year!

  • Quincy & surrounding area: well known for fabulous leaf peeping. Leaves are a little late this year so there is still some time to enjoy the fall colors. Visit the Plumas County website for daily "Leaf Peeper" reports! Camp nearby>
  • Eastern Sierra: Trees begin changing mid-September but you can typically find good color until the snow flies. Fantastic photo opportunities in this area. Camp nearby>

Editor's Opinion: Proposition 21 Should Be Given Serious Consideration

California Proposition 21 provides for a vehicle tax of $18 (commercial vehicles exempt) that will go into a dedicated trust fund to finance California’s State Park System.  In return, each California vehicle entering a State Park will receive waived Day Use fees.  Camping, boat launching and other activities such as museum attendance will still have applicable fees.

A recent study by CSU Sacramento demonstrated that tourism revenues generated directly from visitors to our State Parks contributed more to California’s General Fund than the cost to fund the State Park System.  In spite of this, services have been curtailed at some state parks.   As demonstrated for decades, politicians cannot be relied upon to finance California’s State Park System.

While we do not support Ballot Box budgeting which takes a single minded view of financing a state program without looking at what is best for the entire state, the fact remains that California's State Parks need to be adequately funded. More info from the California State Park Foundation>

How will you vote on Prop 21?  Will the concept of “Ballot Box Budgeting” cause you to vote no?  Or in spite of our dysfunctional government will you vote to fund our State Park System?  The choice is with each Californian.

Military MedalsVeterans Day

Just days after this year's elections comes Veterans Day on Thursday, November 11. Take time in your busy schedule to remember our Veterans who have served our country faithfully in past years and still today.

You may even have family members who would welcome a call on this special day.

Going GreenGoing GREEN - Tips for RVers

Know what you’re putting down the drain
All RV’ers should be aware of what they are putting down the drain.  RV parks don’t have much control over what you dump into their septic or sewer system.  Use biodegradable septic tank additives and cleaners when possible and avoid all chemicals that contain formaldehyde. Formaldehyde not only interferes with septic systems but is a toxic chemical we do not want in our groundwater! Using bacteria-based holding tank products will help you have fewer problems with your drains and holding tank ... and the park will thank you! 

Information provided by Meaghan Bertram of Vineyard RV Park.

Come to California's Sunshine!

Retired FolksAs the cold weather descends on the upper parts of North America, it's time to make your plans to join the "Snow Birds" in Southern California.

Next month we'll have a list of parks that cater to these visitors from the north by offering a wide range of amenities and activities especially geared to helping you enjoy your friends in your winter home. In the mean time - you can search for your winter home on and click on the "Add Amenities and Lifestyle Options" to choose items that are important to you. A search for a pool and senior activities results in a list of 100 RV parks & campgrounds around the state. Click on the "Map" link to hone in on the parks in the area you'd like to visit.

Of course ... remember that getting there is half the fun! Take your time to visit interesting places along your way south! For ideas of what to see along the way visit our tourism info pages. Or maybe you'd like to plan your trip south according to fun events along the way ... if that's the case then explore our calendar of events.

Whatever your preference, Camp-California has so much to offer!

RV Maintenance Tip - How to Winterize Your RV

If you're done with your RV for the year, this may be the time to winterize your RV. We have found a pretty indepth video published on youtube that might help. See it now!

Central Coast

Spanish explorer Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo set a precedent for future chamber of commerce officials when he described the Central Coast as ''the land of endless summers.'' A tranquil expanse between Los Angeles and San Francisco, this area is a realm of small towns in lovely settings making idyllic destinations. The central coast starts with Santa Cruz and continues south to Ventura.

Stay at any of our RV parks and campgrounds and you'll be near all the fun! Learn more about the Central Coast >

California Events and Fun Happenings!

Fall is here with cool nights and harvest festivals. There are so many fun things to do!!! If you're interested in Halloween Events - use the search term "Halloween" in our Calendar tool.

There's so much more!!! Search the Calendar of Events for events throughout the fall and winter! You may find your next adventure there!

Where in California Is This?

The September photo contest produced a winner ... but we never heard back from them. We will select another winner and highlight them in the November California Campin. In addition, we'll run another contest next month.

Solutions to September's photo contest:

Where in California1
Where in California 2
Where in California 3
Picture 1:
This is Casa de Fruta in the fall.
Click to view larger>>
Picture 2: This art piece, Cupid's Span, symbolizes the place where Tony Bennett "left his heart."
Click to view larger>>
Picture 3: This charming event occurs ever December - It's the Victorian Christmas in Nevada City.
Click to view larger>>

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