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Slingshot RV

Last chance for an entry into the RV giveaway at the State Fair!

California Camping Adventures at the State FairA great line-up of camping-type activities are being scheduled for the California Camping Adventures interactive exhibit at the State Fair in Sacramento July 24-27 ... just a few days away!

Both camping enthusiasts and those who are "not so sure" will enjoy the games and fun in store for them. Bring the whole family and participate in tent set-up races, ladderball contest, water balloon toss and more!

Come check out the camping equipment on display including the Crossroads Ultralight trailer provided by Happy Daze in Sacramento.

CalExpoLayoutOne finalist will be chosen each of the 4 days so it's not too late to enter! Just stop by our exhibit area and register to win! Click on the map to see our location.

On Tuesday night one of these lucky finalists WILL WIN the RV grand prize. 2nd prize is a week RV Rental from El Monte RV Rentals; 3rd prize is $1000 cash. All finalists will win a prize.

Attendees will be able to personally chat with representatives from the following Camp-California RV parks & campgrounds:

Join us for lots of fun! Check here for possible discount tickets to the fair>

More Finalists Annouced!

DuckworthThe following individuals have been selected as Finalists to win the Slingshot RV from Happy Daze. They will join the daily State Fair finalists as well as the previously selected finalists Gary & Mike Spiller, Mike & AJ Costa, and Sally Shepherd on the Premonade Stage at the California State Fair on July 27 at 5:45 pm. Come by and see who wins!

Jeannie Duckworth - I have been married to David Duckworth for 17 years. We have 3 boys and we love camping. I own a dog grooming salon in Tracy, CA called Decadent Pets. We enjoy camping at the Marble Quarry RV Park in Columbia, CA to destress and spend time as a family.

We use a 28-foot Skyline Layton travel trailer. We have used the trailer 8 times since April and we are loving it! We received our scratcher at the Marble Quarry RV Park.

ErinErin Guerrios - I have a family of 3 and we love to go camping! We love to go to the beach and lakes. I love to hear the ocean when you first wake up in the morning. There is nothing like it. We also love camping in the mountains with our family and friends. I think Silver Lake is one of my favorite places. We are using an older Coleman Tent Trailer and would love a new trailer.

I have attached a picture of me and my family.
I work in Pleasanton at Hatch Mott MacDonald. We received our scratcher at the Marble Quarry RV Park.

Pictured here (L - R): Erin Guerrios, Chris Williams and Tayler Guerrios

JackiForemanJacki Foreman - I am a solo, independent singer/songwriter born in California and raised in Alaska. I spent 6 years in Northern Arizona honing my guitar and song writing skills before moving to California in April of last year. I had an opportunity for a gig in Lake Elsinore a few years ago and ended up having more bookings in California than I could get in Arizona so I moved. Since coming to California the world has opened up and I have had some of the most rewarding, inspiring and wonderful experiences of my life both musically and personally.

I have a husband, Ron, a dog, Eva and a cat, Bella. We usually camp at The Springs at Borrego... I love Borrego Springs. We use a 1998 Coachman Santara Class A Motorhome.

Going GREEN - Tips for RVers

Going GreenDo Not Bring Firewood From Home
This tip may not be "green" per se - but it helps to protect our environment. Bringing firewood from home to the place you’re camping could put your favorite campsite or park in danger. When you bring firewood camping, you risk carrying a tree killing insect or disease.

The bugs can crawl out, spread to the trees and forest at the campground or state or national park, and begin to destroy those trees and forests. That means less fun for future campers. We’re careful to extinguish campfires, pick up after ourselves in campgrounds, so we should be conscientious campers when it comes to moving firewood as well. Learn more>>

Many campgrounds that allow campfires also sell firewood. At you can use the amenity search to find parks that sell firewood ... simply click the "Add Amenities and Lifestyles Options" button and select "Firewood Available."

High Sierra

The majestic Sierra Nevada mountain range, the highest on the continent, is an outdoor-adventure seeker's paradise. The range is home to the largest, deepest, alpine lake in North America, wilderness areas with pines and giant sequoias, spectacular falls, tranquil valleys and meadowlands, resorts, and historic Old West towns.

This region lies east of the Gold Country and up to the Nevada border. It often has an elevation of more than 5000 ft. It includes Lake Almanor in the north, continuing past Lake Tahoe and on past Yosemite National Park and Bishop down to Tehachapi in the south.

Stay at any of our RV parks and campgrounds and you'll be near all the fun! Learn more>

Shasta Cascade

Whether you seek high adventure on a rugged peak or a leisurely time in a houseboat on a lake, escape to an unspoiled wonderland in California's northeastern corner. With soaring eagles and plunging waterfalls, snowcapped mountains and geothermal mud pots, glistening lakes, dense forests, giant volcanoes, and many rivers running through it, Shasta Cascade is where you'll find a great time in the great outdoors.

This northern region is very mountainous and has wide open spaces. It consists of all the area in the northern part of the state from the North Coast to the Oregon border and Nevada border. The southern boundary extends from Red Bluff to Susanville. The Central Valley, Gold Country and High Sierra lie immediately south.

Stay at any of our RV parks and campgrounds and you'll be near all the fun! Learn more>

"Where in California" is this?

For the last contest we had folks search the camping guide for various California photos. There were numerous correct answers so we had to randomly select a winner! View the answers>

David Leith
Congratulations David Leith!

David Leith is the manager at Reeds Trailer Sales in Petaluma, Ca. He and his wife go camping twice a month in their toyhauler. He uses the Camp California guide to find campgrounds. He says he often hands out guides to customers or make photo copies of certain pages for them. Congratulations David ... hope you enjoy your Free Camping Certificate to Edgewater Resort & RV Park!

Answers to the questions below can be found if you carefully peruse the 2010 camping guide. You just need to read the description and search the guide. If you don't have a guide handy you can browse the guide here> (you can also find a link at

July Contest:

Question 1: In the Central California section - how many photos of piers are there?
On what pages?

Question 2: What page in the guide shows a picture of a lamb being shorn?
How many parks on that page show their "$" rate range?

Reserve NowRV RewardsScratcher iconQuestion 3: In the San Diego section of the guide how many parks display all 3 icons (honor RVing REWARDS!, distribute scratchers and offer online reservations)?

Good luck searching ... Have fun ... you can win a free camping weekend! Email Camper Rick with your guesses by August 10! Contest Rules>

Send us your pictures!

We are looking for pictures of people camping - families, friends, groups, individuals. Send your pictures with a description of who's in the photo, and where it was taken and it may be included in the 2011 Camp-California Camper's Guide to California!"

California Events and Fun Happenings!

Summer has arrived and there's so many fun things to do!!! There are many festivals and events you won't want to miss in July and August!

There so much more!!! Search the Calendar of Events! You may find your next adventure there!

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Anaheim RV Village

Mission Bay RV Resort

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Rancho Los Coches RV Park

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