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First "Scratch & Win" Finalist Announced

Finalist1Gary & Mike Spiller are our Quartzsite RV Show finalists that are looking forward to being on stage July 27 to have a shot at winning the RV package. The Spillers are from Tehachapi, CA. Mike (Mrs. Spiller) was raised in Sacramento and attended every California State Fair from the time she was 5 years old through high school, when they moved away from the Sacramento area. Gary and Mike love to travel, and since they both are retired, they can go whenever they like.

They travel with Gizmo; he’s referred to as the boss of their family. He is a gray Tabby cat they rescued when he was days old. His eyes were not even open, but now weighs 10 lbs and sleeps whenever and wherever he wants to. Their life is pretty much letting Gizmo out, letting Gizmo in, feeding Gizmo, and loving Gizmo. Gary restores old cars and is currently working on a Bronco, They recently sold their 1941 Chevrolet and are now getting ready to start on a 1965 El Camino. When finished, they can add that to their 1953 Chevy truck, which they try to show a few times a year. Before retiring, Gary worked for 32 years at Wonder Bread; Mike worked at AVHMC for 15 years. Congratulations to Gary & Mike Spiller, our first finalists for the Grand Prize giveaway at the California State Fair July 27.

In just a week or so we will be drawing the Febuary finalist... It could be you!! Entering to win is simple:

  • Just camp at one of our parks that distribute RVing REWARDS! Scratchers
  • Upon registration ask for a scratcher
  • Scratch off the film ... you could be a semi-finalist! And, even if you're not, you will reveal free camping, or another valuable prize.
  • Until you get out in your RV, you can mail a self-addressed stamped envelope to RVing REWARDS! Scratcher, 205 Sharon Way, Roseville, CA 95678 and you'll be mailed one.
    (Limit one per household.)

Be sure your camping plans before July include at least one park that distributes scratchers!
It's that simple! Find out more>

Design for environmentGoing GREEN - Tips for RVers

Use non-toxic cleaning supplies when washing your RV -
Harmful chemicals can soak into the ground and may even contaminate the park’s groundwater and septic system. Try using biodegradable cleaners such as Thetford’s Premium RV Wash and Wax, sold at most Camping World locations.

Green_sealIf you’re unsure if something is safe for the environment, look for products that have a U.S. EPA’s “Design for the Environment” seal or a “Green Seal Certified” label.

Information provided by Meaghan Bertram of Vineyard RV Park.

Guest Rated iconMaking the Most of the GuestRated™ System

Have you ever wanted to know what your peers think of a campground you're considering? Have you wanted to know if the management is nice and whether the park looks good? Now you can!

With the GuestRated system at guests who have actually camped at a particular campground are encouraged to complete a review. They answer questions about the reservation process, campsites, bathrooms, customer service and the purpose of their stay. The answers are compiled with other reviews into a letter grade for the park.

Guest Rated GridIn this example 13 reviews have been received that resulted in a B+ grade. It looks like the property condition was the weakest area, but guests received great service. That information can help you make a camping decision!

Just a word of caution. Letter grades derived from only 1 review may not be a true reflection of that park. That is why it is important for you to note the Total Reviews number.

Have you camped in the past six months? Did you complete a review for that park? If not, please do so ... other campers will appreciate it! We're building a peer-based system you can rely on!

Inland Empire

Think of Southern California as palm trees and beaches only? Surprise! Just an hour east of downtown Los Angeles, the Inland Empire features soaring mountains, alpine lakes, winter snow sports, and pine-scented air. The Inland Empire is also home to hot air balloon festivals, Old West towns, Orange groves and wineries. It's where Hollywood celebrities first came to vacation and honeymoon.

This region is sandwiched between Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego and the Deserts. It includes the communities of Victorville in the north, Corona in the west, and Temecula and Aguanga in the south, and Big Bear Lake in the east.

Stay at any of our RV parks and campgrounds and you'll be near all the fun! Learn more>

Go Camping in the snow!

Now that the Olympics are over (weren't they awesome!) maybe you've been inspired to go on a snow vacation ... skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, sledding, or just enjoying snow-covered vistas. Many Sierra parks close for the winter but others stay open. So if you're inclined to camp in the snow - check out this information!

And, check out this article in the Lodi Daily News - 10 Other Ways to have fun in the snow (without a board strapped to your feet!) That should give you some inspiration to get out there in the snow!

"Where in California" is this?

There were a number of correct entries for last month's photo contest. The winner is Kelly Brownell of Sanger, CA. See the photos Kelly identified>

Here is the latest group of photos for you to identify. Have fun ... you too can win a free camping weekend! Email Camper Rick with your guesses by March 15! Contest Rules>

Picture 1: This hotel dining area was specifically designed to highlight its natural surroundings, featuring a famous falls, a spectacular dome, and a well-known point.
Click to view larger>>
Picture 2: Near Little Hot Springs Valley, this hydrothermally altered geothermal area spans 16 acres (65,000 m²) and has hot springs, fumaroles, and mud pots.
Click to view larger>>
Tiebreaker Picture: It's known as "the house built by the spirits." Who built it and where is it located?
Click to view larger>>

Answers to January's "Where in California"

contest1 contest2 contest3
Picture 1: Albion River Bridge adjacent to Albion River Campground.
Click to view larger>>
Picture 2: View from San Francisco of Alcatraz Island now part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area.
Click to view larger>>
Tiebreaker Picture: Mills Peak Fire Lookout, Plumas National Forest.
Click to view larger>>

California Events and Fun Happenings!

It's still winter, but time is of the essence if you don't want to miss many events featuring some of California's wonders ...

There so much more!!! Search the Calendar of Events for your favorite!

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