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Handful of High Sierra Parks to Stay Open all Winter

Mammoth Mountain RV Park is booked through the holidays. Some parks even offer their own winter recreation activities, including Cisco Grove Campground and RV Park near Donner Pass, which rents snowmobiles and offers 26 miles of groomed snowmobile trails.

Camping may be the last thing people are thinking about in California right now, particularly with record amounts of snowfall piling up in the Sierra.

But there are several campgrounds and RV parks at various elevations in the Sierra that stay open throughout the winter in an effort to accommodate cross-country skiers, snowshoers, downhill skiers, snowboarders and snowmobile enthusiasts. Read more>

Survey Shows WiFi an Important Decision Factor for RVers

A recent survey conducted at took a look at the impact of WiFi on a camper’s decision making process. Participants responded to the question, “With other factors equal, do you choose a campground based on whether they have WiFi?”

There were 335 campers who participated from November 2 – December 27, 2010. A significant majority (229 respondents or 68.4%) said they did choose a campground based on whether WiFi was available. Of those, 149 said that was true only if the WiFi was free, while the remaining 80 respondents indicated they always chose a campground with WiFi.

An additional 19.2 percent (64 respondents) said they sometimes or rarely used WiFi – indicating it was not a significant part of their decision making process.

Out of the 335 participants only 42 respondents said “No.” They indicated they either didn’t ever use WiFi or didn’t travel with their computer.

Did you share your opinion? If not, chime in! Go to the home page >

It's easy at to find parks that offer WiFi (either for free or with a fee). Simply click on the "Add Amenities and Lifestlyle Options" link, and select WiFi from the Amenity List. This will give you a list of parks that offer WiFi.

As you view each park's listing you will see WiFi in the amenity list of items offered onsite. If it is offered at no charge, that information is stated in the park's description.

Click here to view the results of this and other surveys.

What's New in California?

The California State Tourism board has released a long list of new attractions or existing attractions that have new exhibits. Check it out and start dreaming of where you'll go in the next few months! There's so much new to do in California! The list is organized by tourism region so there's sure to be something near your home! And, why not pack up the RV and make a whole weekend of it! Here are some examples:

View Latest New California Attractions>

Going GreenGoing GREEN - Tips for RVers

Reduce your energy usage
Baby, It's Cold Outside! This time of year you can take a few simple steps to save on electricity and propane for heating.

  • Whenever possible, put down the blinds to keep the warmth in and to avoid losing heat across single-pane windows.
  • Adjust your thermostat one degree cooler. Each degree celsius less will save about 10% on your energy use!
  • Check the caulking around your windows. They may be drafty due to cracked or missing caulking.
  • Put a towel at the base of your door to keep cold air from coming in under the door.
  • If your RV design allows, only heat the part of the RV you're living in at the time ... the living space during the day, and bedroom at night (if desired).

Information provided by Meaghan Bertram of Vineyard RV Park.


The high desert in the north and the low desert in the south - are lands of extremes: heat and cold, bright light and deep shadows. You'll find soft sand dunes and deeply eroded cliffs, golden poppies and spiny cacti, creeping tortoises and soaring eagles - viewed against jagged mountains. With the area's silent and austere beauty studded with glittering yet relaxing resort cities, the deserts offer the ideal spot for re-energizing your senses. Come and give yourself over to this perfect antidote to a too-busy life.

This very large region starts 1/2 way across the bottom of California along the Mexican border extending to the Arizona border at Winterhaven going north along the Colorado River to Needles and continuing up the Nevada border to north of Death Valley and then west to Mojave and back south skirting outside of Big Bear and continuing south to include Palm Springs and the Salton Sea.

Stay at any of our RV parks and campgrounds and you'll be near all the fun! Learn more about the Desert Region >

California Events and Fun Happenings!

Fall is here with cool nights and harvest festivals. There are so many fun things to do!!! If you're interested in Halloween Events - use the search term "Halloween" in our Calendar tool.

There's so much more!!! Search the Calendar of Events for events throughout the winter and spring! You may find your next adventure there!

Black Meadow Landing

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Fountain of Youth

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