RV alone or together – That is the Question!?!

My husband and I love the adventure of a road trip – discovering new places, witnessing new vistas, remembering what makes this a great country, and meeting other campers along the way. Equally so, we also cherish the times we RV with friends and family. While we are not members of a specific RV club, over the years our RVing friends and their families have created our own RV group. It all started 22 years ago when our best friends got tired of the tug of war of two families pulling them during Thanksgiving. They packed up their tent, Weber BBQ, a turkey and the rest of the fixins. They told both sets of parents, follow us to the coast and we will all celebrate together. My husband and our two children joined them two years later. Our trip this year counted 14 rigs, my parents, my in-laws, sisters, cousins and adopted friends. Two were even third generation: our friends’ daughter purchased her own tent trailer and my son rented his own motorhome. Read More

Burn it Where You Buy It

California's Forests are Under Attack!

If you've lived in or near California for a few years, you more than likely have heard of the Mediterranean Fruit Fly that attacked our fruit orchards or the Gypsy Moth that defoliated trees or the African Honeybees that are damaging our native honeybee hives.  You have probably heard about the border inspections for those carrying fruit into Califonria or the pesticide spray delivered by helicopter in the middle of the night.  Well....now our forests are under attack and you can help. Read more…


Featured State Park -
California State Mining & Mineral Museum

“There’s gold in the hills of California!” These words echoed around the world in 1848 and started a mass migration to the wilderness of interior California. Gold seekers trekked from every part of the world and every walk of life to sift the streams for gold. Mining companies brought machines to the mountains and turned camps into boomtowns as they blasted and dug deep into the earth to follow the gold bearing veins.

There is still gold in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada, at the California State Mining and Mineral Museum, in historic Mariposa. The museum displays California’s official mineral collection, established in the 19th century. Nearly 20,000 specimens make up these treasures of nature, including many rarities discovered during the mid- to late 1800s. Displays include the Fricot Nugget, the largest crystalline gold specimen discovered during the Gold Rush era, and exhibits that relate the importance of minerals and mining in the past, present, and future.

This park is slated for closure July 1st. This may be your last chance to view this valuable piece of history. Click here to read more about the California State Mining & Mineral Museum .

Featured Region - California’s Golden Vein

California’s Gold Country is defined by Highway 49 named for the Gold Miners that arrived in California in 1849. This ribbon threads through California’s foothills crisscrossed by man-made roads winding up into the mountains and by natures roads, rivers crashing through the canyons of the Sierra Nevada. If you missed your opportunity to strike it rich during the California Gold Rush, local landmarks, annual celebrations, and history museums in Auburn, Nevada City, and Angel’s Camp will take you back. You can still pan for gold on the rivers that run throughout this region, though fishing, rafting and kayaking are more popular nowadays. Escape to the Sierra foothills for outdoor recreation year round. Read more…

5 Great Gold Country Things for Families

Five Great Gold Country Things for Adults

Go Spelunking! Red Wine Lovers’ Paradise
Float down a river Race down a river
Ride the Stage Coach at Columbia State Park Take in a show at Columbia’s Historic Theater
Children’s Museum of the Sierra’s Take a Romantic Stroll through Nevada City
Discover Trains! at Railtown Find Your treasure in a Gold Country Antique Store

Featured Gold Country Viewing Site –
New Hogan Lake

California's largest stand of valley oak riparian forest borders the largest undammed river. A trail passes a young, restored riparian forest, then moves to reconstructed marshes that attract wintering tundra swans, sandhill cranes, and scores of ducks. Long-billed curlews and other shorebirds forage in pastures and wetlands. River otters, beavers, and muskrats swim in cattail-lined sloughs, passing green herons and wood ducks. Riverside willows, blackberries, and wild grapes give way to an oak-studded savannah, areas favored by black-tailed deer, Nutthall's woodpeckers, and western bluebirds. The tallest trees bear the spring nests of Swainson's hawks.

The River of Skulls trail winds through riparian forest along the lower Calaveras River. The interpretive brochures, provided at the trail head, give the visitor insight into the life of the Miwok Indians that lived along the river. The campgrounds are located in the oak savanna woodland where there are many opportunities to view the local wildlife, especially raptors, songbirds, squirrels, rabbits, and deer. At night coyotes can be heard calling to each other and bats can be seen catching insects in the night sky.

Visit CaWatchableWildlife for more information.

Featured Gold Country Hikes

Hidden Falls

Hidden Falls Regional Park opened to the public on October 30, 2006. The 221-acre open space park is located at 7587 Mears Place, north of Mt. Vernon Road between Auburn and Lincoln. Features of the new park include seven miles of natural surface trails suitable for hiking, running, biking and horseback riding. In addition to the more vigorous activities on the natural surface trails, park visitors are able to enjoy fishing, picnicking, wildlife viewing, photography and other passive recreational pursuits. A paved, accessible trail is also available, which begins near the parking lot and winds through a live oak grove and picnic areas. Read More

Six Day Hikes in Wawona & the Mariposa Grove

The National Park Service has provided 6 day hikes in this less traveled portion of Yosemite. Located in the in the southernmost part of Yosemite National Park. Mariposa is the largest grove of Giant Sequoias in the park, with several hundred mature examples of the tree. Two of its trees are among the 30 largest Giant Sequoias in the world. These hikes vary from easy to strenuous and from 1.6 up to 12 miles. Admittance fees to the park will be required. To get to Wawona from Oakhurst, head north on Hwy 41. Read More

Spike Gilispie shares the top 5 things to bring when camping with young children along with other tips and suggestions at Disney’s Family.com. You can find lots of other ideas and suggestions for traveling with kids as well as lots of nature and outdoor activities. Visit Family.go.com for more information.

Norcold RV Fridge Factory Tour &
Jana's Zucchini Mock Apple Pie

Hosted by RVCookingShow.com

Check out Evanne’s recent tour of the NorCold Frig Factory Tour. Follow up with a unique recipe, Jana’s Zucchini Mock Apple Pie. Find both at RVCookingShow.com .

Upcoming California Events and Fun Happenings!

Explore   California Events   happening all over the Golden State. Here are just a few to wet your whistle.

Solar eclipse is coming May 20 th. Camping is the perfect way to view an eclipse….far away from lights and smog!

Spring has sprung along with wonderful, edible fruits and vegetables. Visit this year-round farmers market in Auburn.

Ventura’s Music Festival is celebrating its 18 th Season. Experience classical, jazz and "crossover" music in intimate and historic venues.

For over 100 years, folks have been watching frogs jump in Calaveras County. Now it’s your turn.


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