Take the Kids Camping

More than likely your first time camping was when you were a child and you still cherish those memories. In fact, camping has probably provided some of your most loved memories throughout your life. If you want your children or grandchildren develop the same love of camping and the outdoors that you possess, now is the time to make it happen. Did you know that there is scientific proof that children and adults that spend time outdoors are happier and healthier. But as we all know, camping with children takes some extra planning and work. We’ve tried to put together some tools and resources to make it easier:

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Smokey Says

We’ve grown up with Smokey fighting to save our forests. We’ve collected a couple of YouTube videos featuring Smokey commercials from the past 50 years along with the History of Smokey the Bear. Take a walk down memory lane as you view these videos.

Watch this compilation of Smokey's commercials from the past 50 years. Click Here

Message From the California State Park Foundation

Recently the California State Parks Department has come under fire for not disclosing the existence of $54 million during a time when the Department has been preparing to close up to 70 parks. Many volunteer groups and organizations came forward and committed their own resources to help keep many parks open. In the face of this deception many California residents feel betrayed. Please read the following letter from Elizabeth Goldstein, President of the California State Park Foundation. This non-profit organization is separate and independent from the Department. Their mission is to help enhance state parks with educational programs, capital projects, competitive grants, and fundraising. To read the letter and learn more about the California State Parks Foundation Click here.

Featured Region – The North Coast

The North Coast region of California runs from the Oregon border south to the San Francisco Bay Area, and from the Pacific Ocean on the west to points east at Orleans, Island Mountain and Lake Beryessa. Also called the Redwood Empire or the Redwood Coast, this region is a land of rugged shoreline, pounding surf, charming coastal towns, and Victorian villages, as well as towering redwood forests, rushing rivers, lush hills, and bountiful vineyards. The North Coast’s National Parks, National Forests, and a multitude of state parks and historic sites provide outstanding outdoor recreational opportunities. Hiking, bird watching, boating, kayaking, fishing, surfing, climbing, mountain biking, horseback riding and simple sightseeing abound. Harbors at Fort Bragg and Eureka offer opportunities for whale-watching, crabbing tours, ocean fishing and the chance to buy fresh salmon right from the boat. The coast is home to several lighthouses including the Point Reyes Lighthouse located at the windiest place on the Pacific Coast and the second foggiest place on the North American continent. Click here to explore the North Coast.

5 Great North Coast things for Families 5 Great North Coast things for Adults
California’s Logging History on the Skunk Train Napa Valley Wine Train
California’s Own “Spirit of Africa” Reminisce with Snoopy
Unlock the Trees of Mystery Catch “The Big One”
Eat Like a Lumberjack Go Back in Time
Hike & Climb in Bodega Bay Soaring High

North Coast Events

We've found some of the best events on the North Coast. From Kinectic Sculptures to whale watching and from the Blues to mouthwatering foods, check here to find events and happenings to delight your fancy! North Coast Events

Featured Wildlife Viewing Site - Mattole Recreation Area

At the northern tip of the King Range National Conservation Area, also known as the Lost Coast, lies the Mattole Recreation Area. While the migrant shorebirds that are drawn to the 100-acre estuary of the Mattole River are mostly gone, there is still abundant wildlife in summer, including see Bewick's wrens, marsh wrens, wrentits, warblers, finches, and other songbirds. It’s a perfect time to enjoy vistas of lush riverside vegetation, the beach, offshore rocks and the sea beyond, and explore tidepools and dunes.

Watch for harbor seals and sea lions at the river mouth or walk north on the beach 0.75 mile to see sea lions hauled out on the offshore rock. Diversity of habitat, merging of aquatic and terrestrial wildlife, tidepools, abundance of wildlife, high drama and rugged beauty of undeveloped portion of Pacific Ocean make this a special place for contemplating the rugged wildness of the North Coast. For a map and visitor information about Mattole Recreation Area and other North Coast wildlife viewing areas, visit CaWatchableWildlife.org or Facebook.com/CaWatchableWildlife.

Featured North Coast Hikes

1200 Miles of Trails & Counting - Californians love and value their coast, and the California Coastal Trail is an expression of the desire for preservation and responsible access. The Trail is a network of public trails for walkers, bikers, equestrians and wheelchair riders and other along the 1200 mile California coastline.

Carson Falls Hike - Marin County's Carson Falls is hardly a secret, but a visit to the dramatic cascades on a rainy winter day can be a lonely experience.

Tall Trees Grove – This Humboldt County Hike south of Orick loops through an alluvial redwood grove where the world’s tallest tree was identified in 1963.

Cool App for your IPhone, Android or Win7 Phone

Pano - Going on vacation often means taking more than a few snap shots of your adventures to share with others at a later date. Of course, regular snap shots will always remain a standard, but panoramic shots can sometimes be the best solution for capturing especially beautiful landscapes. Along those lines, Pano is an amazingly easy-to-use app that allows even novice photographers to shoot panoramas with up to 16 photos using the phones onboard camera. Learn More

California is blessed to be home to the National Children’s Forest with 3,400 acres nestled in the San Bernardino Mountains. Open for summer, the unique nature center is the only one in the country operated by youth volunteers. Here, Youth Naturalists are available to answer any questions you may have about the San Bernardino National Forest, whether it be about local flora and fauna or where to drive your off-highway vehicle! They can direct you to the best hiking spots, campgrounds, and more. Stop and listen to our Youth Naturalists as they talk about the items on our Naturalist table. Learn More

Recipe of the Month – BBQ Oysters

Only one thing is better than sitting in the sun on the shores of Tomales Bay eating oysters on the half shell...and that is BBQing oysters back at your campsite. Watch as John Finger, founder of Hog Island Oyster Company, shares his tips for BBQing the perfect oyster. Editor's Note: John's sauces look great and I can't wait to try them, but my personal favorite will always be melted butter with garlic.yum!

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